Travel Vaccinations 




We offer yellow fever, rabies, meningitis ACWY, and Hepatitis B, as well as malaria advice and medication. Please fill in a travel form and the admin team will call you to advise you when you should book for the nurse and the costs. Please bring cash with you, as you will be required to pay for some jabs before the consultation. We cannot accept card payments.

You should always book the appointment at least between 4 and 8 weeks before travelling.

An airport

Please note the following vaccines incur a cost as they are not available free of charge on the NHS. Payment is by cash only. Please note the Risk Assessment sheets must be completed and given back to reception prior to being seen by the nurse. Please hand in your forms in plenty of time to allow assessment of your needs.


Item Cost per dose Schedule
Hepatitis B (Travel) £90 3 doses. 0, 1, 2 months apart for rapid vaccination
Hepatitis B (Occupational) £90 3 doses. 0, 1, 6 months apart
Hepatitis B Booster £30 Single dose
Rabies £120 3 doses – valid for 5 years. 0, 7, 28 days apart
Rabies Booster £30 Booster required 5 yearly
Meningitis ACWY £50 Single dose valid for 5 years
Yellow Fever & Certificate £65 Single dose valid for 10 years
Replacement Vaccination Certificates £10 Available for nursing team
Japanese B Encephalitis £140 Course of three
Japanese B Encephalitis Booster £50 Single dose
Tick Born B Encephalitis £160 Course of three