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Summary of findings from the comment collection at Hoxton Surgery, 17th Of October 2022


What Worked Well

  • Overall, new and longtime patients seemed to be very pleased with the services and care at Hoxton Surgery.
  • Overall, patients had overwhelmingly positive reviews regarding this practice. Most patients appreciate the ease of getting on the day appointment and pre-booked appointment over the phone. They highly praised the attentive and polite nature of both the receptionists and the doctors.
  • All patients felt they had enough time to spend with the professional (doctor or nurse) during the consultation. Patients felt listened to and that their concerns are taken into account.
  • Almost all patients expressed satisfaction with the quality of treatment they received from the professionals.
  • Almost all the patients we spoke to on the day had to wait for over 15mins after their appointment time (some were waiting from 20-30mins). However, most of them said that they did not mind the wait because they know that they will also be given the time and space to talk about their issues with the professional without being rushed.
  • One of the patients who recently registered with the practice said “this is probably the best experience I had with a GP and practice, 100% recommended”.
  • One patient who had English as their second language and was in need of interpreting during consultations felt that this is well supported by the practice.
  • One patient told us that they feel confident to ask for a gender-specific doctor as this was arranged for them previously.

Selected patient feedback:

  • “Everyone here is great and very supportive. After each visit, I receive a text message asking for my feedback which is great.”
  • “We've been always able to see the same GP for my son. I, as a parent, feel that my concerns are taken into account and also feel confident to ask any questions that I may have.”
  • “The doctors and the whole team here are great.”
  • “I feel well looked after. It is always clean and tidy here.”
  • “Children are given the priority and this is great.”
  • “The service here is good. All the staff from receptionists to doctors is great. It is easy to book an appointment too. However, the timing could be improved. My appointment was for 9:20am and I am still waiting to be seen at 9:50am.”

About What Did Not Work Well

Many patients had nothing to note in this area. However, a few areas of concern were raised:

  • One patient said that they would prefer to see a locum doctor rather than the regular one as they feel temporary doctors would take them more seriously and will arrange for further tests. They experienced going forward and backward with a regular GP who failed to arrange further test for patient’s ongoing complaint.
  • Another patient said they’ve been waiting for follow-up information although they previously chased this up with the practice.
  • One patient who had English as their second language felt that in some cases they would appreciate the support from a professional interpreter, however, this was never offered to them by the doctor/ nurse.
  • One other patient who was regularly interpreting for their parent (registered with Hoxton Surgery) said that they would prefer if a professional interpreter is involved when communication with the doctor is needed. However, they were not aware if this could be provided by the practice.

Main Findings for Improvement

As most patients were quite pleased with the services they receive at Hoxton Surgery, not many had suggestions for improvement but appreciate the hard work and support received by the practice.

The few suggestions that came out of our conversations with the patients are:

  • Make sure that professionals offer interpreting support to patients who have English as their second language as an option for clearer conversation.
  • One patient suggested: “Before the pandemic there was an activity box here which was keeping the kids occupied while waiting. This is no longer here and I wonder if it is because of the pandemic. But it will be great if they put it back.”